Kinesio Taping or What’s With the Pink Tape?

Have you ever noticed people performing physical activities while taped in vividly coloured tape in funny patterns and wondered what the heck that is? Well that is Kinesio tape. Kinesio tape is made out of hypoallergetic materials and is similar in weight and thickness to skin.

Besides coming in fun colours, how is it different from regular athletic tape?

It is a uniquely designed elastic tape. Depending on how the tape is applied it can affect the body in a number of different ways.  Kinesio taping can be used to either help relax tight, pulled or strained muscles, it can help to activate or stimulate muscles which have become weak or fatigued, it can help to decrease swelling after an injury and/or it can be used to decrease pain at an injury site.  Besides helping the body in all these different ways, it is a modality that can be worn for extended periods of time, which allows for continued therapeutic benefits between visits.  The tape can be worn during normal physical activities, during sporting events, at the gym, or even in the pool.

Kinesio taping has become very important for many elite athletes, such as Lance Armstrong “It is a special hot pink athletic tape that came from Japan and seemed to have special powers..”.  However, 85% of Kinesio tape applications are for non athletes. Poor posture, overuse or repetitive use injuries, and arthritis are all examples of conditions that may be helped with the use of Kinesio taping.


If you have any questions about whether Kinesio taping may be of benefit to you, please contact Dr Kimberley Macanuel at or call 416.481.0222.